The Color Blue in Fashion

Colors are highly functional. Colors in the shade of blue have calming effects. Some even say that blue colors help re-energize bodies and souls.

Blue is a popular color for women’s clothing, and it’s widely used in fashion. Right now, pale blue and royal blue is everywhere. Blue is a versatile color that can be worn in a variety of ways, from casual to chic.

From pale blue to navy blue is not only gorgeous, but it represents calmness and creates physiological tranquility. Clothing in the shade of blue shows a vibe of balance and harmony. It’s also timeless.

Blue color can also make people trust you, so it’s perfect to wear at work or to calm a stressful situation.

This color denotes security, and hence, security service providers wear sky blue/navy blue uniforms.

Big tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Facebook., have the name of the company written in blue

My favorite way to use blue is to pair it with bright white for a clean, classic look. I also love my pair of blue jeans.

Wondering what colors match with blue?

Light blue looks great with white, black, navy blue, and pink.

Dark blue looks great with red, white, ivory, yellow, orange, and black.

Remember, blue is a cool color, and it will work well with almost all other cool colors.

What is your favorite way to pair blue?

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