Decorating With The Color Green

Colors are highly functional. It can make a bedroom appear larger or smaller. Green is the color of life, nature, and energy, and is associated with harmony, safety, and a positive environment.

Green, is soothing to the eyes as well and expresses persistence, and determination. The color represents firmness and consistency and when used in a bedroom can show a sense of personal security and self-esteem. It looks great when paired with white, off-white, or light grey colors.

Green can be used in almost any room. In the bedroom, green can be on an accent wall, on furniture, decorative pillows, rugs, accessories, throws, paintings, and vases, in combination with other colors according to your taste.

For example, a green wall could be the focal point of the bedroom and will give a modern fresh look.

Dark green complements creamy, neutral tones. It also brings a pop of color to a monochrome decor.

You can’t fail when you combine green with white. It’s fresh and vibrant.

Green plants add color, shape, and freshness to a room.  Like artwork, furniture, and accessories plants are a wonderful complement to your decor.  No matter how you decide to do it, decorating with plants helps bring colors and shape.

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