Why I Love Golf

There are so many things I love about playing the game of golf.

I started learning golf at a relatively young age. My father who is a great golfer always been passionate about golf and this is how I have been introduced to the game.

So, I started with some golf lessons. At age 12, I decided to become more serious about golf, I moved from the driving range to the golf course to golf. Playing a round of golf by yourself is different than hitting the ball on the driving range.

Before that, I was playing six or nine holes with my coach. After our playing, he’ll summarize our experience and suggest some tips on how I could get better.

I just started to play competitive junior golf tournaments. I want to focus on building up my tournament experience in events that will help me towards my long-term goals.

Golf encourages me to focus on self-improvement. After every game, I must analyze how I played, and look at the mistakes I made. Then, I can determine what I can do to play better next game.

Golf also teaches me patience, tolerance, dedication, and perseverance. It is a great way to get outdoors, sharpen my mind, and stay active. It’s where I connect with friends and meet new people.

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