Make People Remember You

It is important to make a good impression. But what is more important is how to make it last.

A lasting impression is something useful in the business world. Making a good impression helps people remember you. But it would take more work to make it last.

Meeting with business clients, and making people remember is something that can be practiced and perfected.

Here are some tips that may be able to help you make people remember you in important face to face meetings.


Be yourself and authentic. Be someone who isn’t trying to be anything other than what they are. Being authentic means that not only do you not present a false image to others, but you are comfortable and happy with yourself as you are.

That Art of Distinction

In business meetings, you can try wearing a nice colored shirt, or stylish bright dress, or a nice necklace like Kendra Scott brand.

Just try to find some way to be unique in the way you dress and yet be able to blend in easily with the crowd.

Be There

Make sure you are there, physically, but also mentally.

Be fully aware of the people that you are trying to interact with. When someone speaks or addresses you, make sure that you listen intently.

Maintain eye contact and respond promptly to questions. This will help make you stand out and be remembered by those present.


For people to remember you at meetings or activities, you can try and participate during the discussions. But don’t try to force it in the sense that you try saying something just for attention.

Participate in a way that would provide something to think about.

Being able to contribute to an idea that would add value to the discussion would be a great way of making people remember you.

Ask better questions

Ask better questions. “‘How’ and ‘why’ questions get people to talk longer and you should get a deeper conversation, Keep the conversation going by listening well and responding thoughtfully.


Get personal. Share an obstacle you’ve overcome. Share a highlight from your weekend or a funny story. This is a great opportunity to share something about yourself that makes you unique and gives the other person something to think about.

Making yourself remembered by people may not be easy but it is something you can work on. Many other ways can be done to make that lasting impression.

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